Small Projects

Even with the major work complete, there was plenty left to do.  Over the years, I continued with small upgrades, maintenance, and improvements.

Projects Completed in 2009

2008-2009 Refit and Maintenance Program
Day-to-Day Logs

Custom Daysailing Chart
Updated 5/6/09

Strong Track Modification
Updated 5/2/09

Projects Completed in 2008

New (longer) Backstay
Updated 2/9/08

New Lifelines
Updated 2/9/08

2008-2009 Refit and Maintenance Program
Day-to-Day Logs

Projects Completed in 2007

Simple Coaming Seats (Prototype Version)
Updated 7/22/07

Projects Completed in 2005

New Gooseneck and Boom:  Final Installation and Beginning of Service
Updated 5/1/05

Retractable Lazy Jacks
Updated 2/17/08

Installing a  Tides Marine Strong Mainsail Track System
Updated 5/2/09

Awlgripping the Mast, V 3.0
Updated 4/24/05

Projects Completed in 2004

Awlgripping the Mast
Updated 10/21/04

A New Mahogany Tiller
Updated  7/20/04

Gooseneck Repairs/Boom Replacement
Updated 8/28/04

A Cockpit Table
Updated 10/27/08

Wind Instruments
Updated 5/16/04

Building a New Engine Instrument Surround
Updated 1/17/04

New Cockpit Access Hatches
Updated 1/10/04

Cockpit Scupper Replacement
Updated 1/14/04

Updated 1/2/04

Projects Completed in 2003

Painting the Nonskid
Updated 12/17/03

Mahogany Boathook
Updated 11/20/03

Replacing the Mast Support Beam
Updated 12/1/03

Repairs to the Damaged Toerail
Updated 11/13/03

Foredeck Repairs
Updated 12/1/03

Mast Step Reinforcement
Updated 11/9/03

Tiller Damage and Repair
Updated 8/14/03

Running the Outhaul to the Cockpit
Updated 6/16/03

Outboard Motor Tiller Extension
Updated 6/2/03

New Spreader Bases and Rigging Maintenance
Updated 4/21/03

Replacing the Jumper Stays with Stalok Terminals
Updated 4/2/03

Boom Support Cable (Hand Swaging)
Updated 3/18/03

Galley Sink Sump Pump Installation
Updated 3/21/03

Installing a New Masthead Light
Updated 4/21/03

Installing New Jumper Struts
Updated 4/21/03

Main Halyard Winch
Updated 5/6/03

Projects Completed in 2002

The End of the Season, 2002
Updated 10/9/02

Tentative Project List for Winter Season 2002-2003
Updated 10/3/02

Raising the Waterline
Updated 10/14/02

New Spreader Bases
Updated 10/7/02

Future Projects
Updated 5/8/02

Cockpit Awning
Updated 7/6/02

Updated 7/7/02

Final Improvements to the Reefing System
Updated 6/22/02

Forward-Facing Ports
Updated 6/19/02

A Clever Propane Storage Idea
Updated 6/26/02

A Second Radar Reflector
Updated 6/19/02

Anchor Storage--After the Damage
Updated 6/14/02

Storm Damage to Anchor Platform and Hull;
Subsequent Repairs

Updated 10/25/02

New Balmar Alternator
Updated 6/11/02

Radar Installation
Updated 5/9/02

Vee Berth Bookshelf
Updated 4/9/02

Re-Lacquering the Ports
Updated 4/2/02

Anchor Rode Chain Pipes
Updated 4/1/02

Waste and Water Deck Pipes
Updated 4/1/02

Fuel System Vacuum Gauge
Updated 3/26/02

Regulator On/Off Switch
Updated 3/26/02

LPG System--Vapor Alarm Installation
Updated 3/24/02

Some Minor Trim and Finish Details
Updated 3/18/02

New Outhaul System
Updated 3/13/02

New Reefing System
Updated 3/13/02

Stovetop Cover/Cutting Board
Updated 1/22/02

Interior Storage Solutions
Updated 3/18/02

Engine Room Sound Insulation
Updated 1/15/02

Bookshelves in Main Salon
Updated 3/4/02

Chain Locker Bulkhead
Updated 3/3/02

Chain Locker Door
Updated 3/3/02

Cockpit Cushions
Updated 6/14/02

Compass Back Cover
Updated 3/5/02

Cutlery Rack and Knife Block
Updated 3/29/02

Magazine Rack
Updated 3/5/02

Pencil Rack
Updated 4/19/02

Finish Trim--V-Berth
Updated 3/5/02

Completed Interior Photos
Updated 5/8/02




Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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