Refit and Maintenance Program:  Winter 2008-2009
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Time marches on.  As the years passed, it became increasingly clear that it was time for Glissando to spend at least part of a winter inside the shop, one way or another; she hadn't been indoors since 2003, other than a brief varnishing session in the spring of 2008. 

After 7 seasons' use, plus one season--2006--where she wasn't in the water (a horribly neglected year in her history), I felt that it was time to address a few things in order to keep her in top condition.  The need for maintenance never stops--and that includes periodic sessions of more intensive work.

October 2008
May 2009

The work began, I suppose, with the fall haulout on September 30, 2008; shortly thereafter, I put the boat inside the "spare" bay in my shop, where she spent the winter.  Calling this a "refit" was a bit of a misnomer, as I hardly revamped the entire boat by any stretch.  But semantics aside, for lack of a better general term I have deemed this to be the Winter 2008-2009 refit, with plenty of the usual general maintenance thrown in.  The project ended in early May 2009, though throughout May I continued with the basic and normal pre-launch preparations and general maintenance, some of which I have included in these logs.

Project Summary

Labor:  111.74 hours (plus some undetermined number of hours spent on mundane tasks that I did not track)

Materials Cost:  $2939.97 (the bulk of which was consumed by the new forward hatch and the TackTick wind instruments)

Here is a partial list of things I set down as things I wanted to address during this period of work.  Over the course of the winter, I made a few modifications to the list, as noted below, but remained true to the original list with few deviations. Links to day-by-day updates are just below this list:  click here. 

  • Repaint the hull
  • New name and hailing port graphics
  • Replace non-functioning wind instruments
  • Replace forward hatch
  • Reconfigure anchor platform and rollers
    Decided to leave it alone; it works, and my moorage is much safer now than it used to be.
  • Repaint the nonskid
  • Varnish (always)
  • Relocate and replumb the galley sink sump to a more convenient location
  • Renew sink faucets and fix nagging annoyances
  • Bi-annual shaft coupling removal and repainting
  • Clean bilge
  • Contract outside fabrication of new jumper struts (one-piece, like this)
    Next year; this job will also require reconfiguration of the headstay and halyard attachment points to be worthwhile.  I have a new tube to replace the solid, drilled, turned, and modified replacement that Journey's End made up after they trashed the rigging last spring.
  • Seriously consider replacing the water tank with a new, larger one
    Duly considered, but not going to happen
  • Contract outside modification of the dodger to provide removable wings and to repair miscellany
  • Install threaded fitting in cabin sole to allow cockpit table to be used in the cabin
  • Replace threaded fitting for table in cockpit sole with a metal one
    OK as is; all the metal ones have stamped or cast labels that I don't want
  • Replace corroded holding tank vent fitting
  • Regular maintenance items too numerous to list
    Underway throughout the winter, including engine maintenance, minor repairs and changes, cleaning, etc.

To continue with the refit, click here to begin a day-by-day log of the activities.

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Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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