Refit:  Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009 Refit | Saturday & Sunday, April 18-19, 2009

I dubbed around on a few small jobs over the weekend, mostly wrapping up a couple of the things I started last week.

During the week, on a nice day, I epoxied my additional wind anemometer block to the existing block at the masthead, and, on another day after the epoxy had cured, applied a coat of gray paint to match the old block and to also blend in with the masthead casting.  I also removed the old anchor light and bracket, cutting the wires and leaving the ends in place so I could reuse them.

With the mounting surface duly prepared in this way, it was a cinch on Saturday to install the base for the anemometer with three screws, into holes that I'd predrilled a week ago.

Next, I installed my new anchor light.  First, I secured the light to the supplied bracket with small screws, also provided.  Then, I screwed the bracket to the masthead casting in generally the same place as the old, using two screws.  At each screw location, I also installed a rubber-lined cable clamp to secure the wires coming from the light, and also made up a couple drip loops and otherwise secured the wire as need be.  I cut the wire to length and made up the connections to the existing mast wiring in the usual way.

I continued with the mast briefly and installed a 1" round rail base on the spar over the wire exit hole near the base, to which I could attach my protective hose once the mast was stepped.

Finally, I cleaned up the sealant around the new chainplate deck covers.  Clearly, the need for work on the boat has wound down and I am just biding time.  All that really remains to do, and on which I need to get going, is to have the new name and hailport lettering made up.

Total time today:  2 hours

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Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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