Refit:  Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009 Refit | Sunday, February 15, 2009

For some years, I'd been meaning to install a screw mount for the cockpit table in the cabin, so that at least it'd be possible to bring the table inside if we wanted.  To that end, I bought a stainless steel water deck fill, and installed it in the cabin sole after spending a few minutes with the table determining the best location.  I wanted to be able to move around it, which meant leaving it far enough aft of the bulkhead for access from the sides.  Eventually, I located and marked a reasonable location for the mount, which ended up just a bit aft of the finger hole in the centermost bilge hatch.

Because I wanted the sole fitting to be flush, so that it wouldn't interfere with the small Oriental rug that we use in the cabin, I purchased an inexpensive 3-1/4" Forstner bit to mill a flat-bottomed hole into which to recess the fitting.  With this chucked into my nearly-useless drill press (it was on its last legs), and the top of the sole hatch protected with some tape against chipping, I milled the hole to an appropriate depth by trial and error.  The hole was just a bit smaller in diameter than the fitting, so I had to carefully carve away a tiny bit of material with a sharp knife to make it fit.

I bored a hole through the center with a 2" hole saw for the neck of the deck fitting, and installed it with three screws, completing the job.

I didn't do much else, beyond installing the newly-varnished cockpit coamings and reinstalling several turn-locks and snaps for the dodger, which I'd removed prior to painting the nonskid earlier.



I had to climb a ladder to fix the lifting chain on my garage door, and happened across this rarely-seen view of the boat--not necessarily applicable to today's work, but there you are.

Total time today:  1.25 hours

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