Refit:  Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009 Refit | Saturday, January 3, 2009

With the hull work essentially complete, save for a couple details, it was time to knock the deck work off my list.  Quite frankly, the decks required more than I was able to consider giving at this stage, and I figured I had a few years till I'd have to truly refinish the entire deck areas (along with port and sealant renewal), so for now I concentrated on the nonskid, which over the years had become rather slippery.  In addition, I'd had a few minor failures of the paint, from impact on the foredeck (probably bouncing a boathook or the headstay off the deck during mast stepping, and from excess trapped moisture in the cockpit, where the cockpit cushions live 100% of the time during the season.  These facts, coupled with the fact that the paint had faded somewhat and just needed a freshening, caused me to put nonskid painting on my list at this time.

The rest of the deck could wait till later; the white Awlgrip was still in pretty good condition, though beginning to show signs of its age.  Planning ahead, I knew there'd be a full deck job coming up within the next several years; meantime, refreshing the nonskid would be satisfactory. 

To that end, I spent a couple hours sanding the nonskid areas with 80 grit to partially smooth the areas and to address the few areas where the paint had failed.  I also removed certain hardware and the cockpit coamings.  This was all I had time for on this particular weekend.

Total time today:  2 hours

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