Refit:  Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009 Refit | Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today I applied the first coat of new beige nonskid paint.  I used Interdeck beige.  I considered lightening the color, as I had done on a few work projects of late, but in the end I decided that the unmodified, darker beige better fit the character of my boat and the canvas colors, and also more closely matched the color I had had on deck for years and to which I was accustomed.  The old paint, both from the original application in 2000 and the first round of repainting in 2003 after a series of deck repairs, was flattened-and-begritted Interlux Brightsides Bristol Beige.  (That was satisfactory, but I like Interdeck better; it didn't exist when I first painted the boat, and was brand new and untested in 2003.)

The process took a little longer than I was used to because of all the obstructions I was painting around in this case. I applied the paint using 3/16" nap mohair rollers in a variety of sizes, and a bristle brush for the areas the roller wouldn't reach. I planned to apply the second coat tomorrow. 

Total time today:  1.75 hours

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Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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