Refit:  Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009 Refit | Sunday, December 14, 2008

I didn't intend to work on Sunday, but when I got up in the morning I couldn't help thinking of my schedule for the coming weeks, and I came to the realization that I had to get Glissando's paint finished as soon as possible.  Frankly, I needed the work bay:  the boat was in my main bay, where I typically do all my real work and always do the painting.  But having my own boat in this critical space was beginning to crimp my style at work during the week; I found myself postponing some of the projects on the current job because the second shop bay wasn't really set up for much of the dirty work (with too much ancillary storage deployed within that bay).

The long and the sort of it is that I elected to go ahead with the finish primer on Sunday, with an eye towards sanding it at the end of the day Monday, after work.  This would just accelerate the process and get me ready for the topcoats sooner than later, so that I could move my boat back to the other side for less significant projects and stop affecting my daily work.

I determined that the filler over the small scratch from yesterday had cured, so I block sanded it with 220 until smooth.  Then, I mixed up an appropriate amount of primer and left it to react for 15 minutes, as directed, during which time I solvent-washed the hull with Alexseal wipe-down solvent, and then tacked off.

Then, during the rest of the morning, I applied three coats of Alexseal 442 gray finish primer in the usual manner, leaving it to cure the rest of the day and beyond.



Total time today:  2.5 hours

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Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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