Seasonal Photographs (and other random ones)

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foliage2-2002.JPG (139606 bytes)Yup, you knew I'd have to get a couple foliage pictures in!  This one is from just before sunset on October 21.  It was even better a couple minutes before, which is why I ran for the camera.



foliage2002.JPG (137074 bytes)This one is from October 14.


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We've had an unsettled spring, colder than normal and featuring a lot of wind and some unusual weather.  Among the unusual occurrences that have been happening with strange frequency:  hailstorms.  These have been, in my memory, pretty rare, with the exception of some minor hail during a very severe thunderstorm in the summer.

Well, on May 22, 2002, I was working in the shop in the afternoon when a heavy, heavy hailstorm began--unaccompanied by audible thunder or other extremes.  It hailed for several minutes and dumped a fair quantity of 1/4" hail on the ground.  I took pictures, and even saved some in my freezer to show Heidi later when she got home.  Here are some shots I took.

hailstorm1.JPG (188255 bytes)     hailstorm10.JPG (129376 bytes)     hailstorm12.JPG (184592 bytes)     hailstorm4.JPG (159469 bytes)     hailstorm7.JPG (187712 bytes)     hailstorm9.JPG (181125 bytes)

After a very warm winter, with minimal snowfall--4 or 5 small storms of only about 3" or less each--we were greeted on the first day of spring with a heavy, wet snowstorm that dumped about 8" on the ground.  Never get complacent about the month of March in Maine!  Prior to this, the last measurable snow we had was on January 31, and all of February and March (till now, anyway) featured above normal temperatures--often greatly above normal.  What a weird winter.

snow12-32102.JPG (138506 bytes)A very pretty sunrise after our "first day of spring" snowstorm--the biggest of the winter!  3/21/02

snow9-32102.JPG (122461 bytes)The orangey light of early dawn catches the tops of the trees  3/21/02

snow1-32102.JPG (127288 bytes)The rising sun is just hitting the tops of the heavily laden trees  3/21/02

snow14-32102.JPG (176470 bytes)Snow covered trees silhouetted against the dawn  3/21/02

snow2-32102.JPG (138119 bytes)The sun is higher now, highlighting the trees  3/21/02

snow3-32102.JPG (117635 bytes)Same thing...different view  3/21/02

snow4-32102.JPG (129554 bytes)A sole crow greets the dawn high in the maple tree as the sun rises  3/21/02

glissandosnow-12202.JPG (164151 bytes)Glissando after a pretty (sticky) snowstorm  1/22/02

glissandosnow2-12202.JPG (154141 bytes)A slightly different angle.  Sorry...I like my Spruce trees!  1/22/02

spruce-glis-12202.JPG (139630 bytes)More of the Blue Spruce trees, with the boat beyond  1/22/02

spruce-glis2-12202.JPG (154914 bytes)The last one, I promise!  (Hey, I have so little at this time of year--gotta give my my artistic Spruce tree shots!)  1/22/02

Some nice foliage at my house--Mid-October 2001


Another, similar, shot