Tune in to this page from time to time for some photos of local scenery as we sail and cruise the coast of Maine.  And also as I indulge myself and post more photos of the boat!

This page was last updated on 4 July 2002

2002 Season

justbefore.JPG (124320 bytes)While loading the boat on July 2, a thunderstorm rolled through at 0900.  Since I already had all the gear transferred from the dock to the boat, I hightailed it back to the mooring just before the height of the storm.  This picture shows the building wind, but the storm isn't quite here yet.  Compare the visibility in this photo with the next one.  (7/2/02)


heavyrain2.JPG (169734 bytes)This picture was taken during the height of the storm--compare the view with the one in the photo above.  The rain was coming down in sheets, flattening the seas and obscuring visibility all around.  The center of the cell passed directly overhead, and one lightning strike was close close close...I could head the sizzle.  Yikes!  The accompanying thunder clap made me jump about a foot.  (7/2/02)


heavyrain1.JPG (166218 bytes)Looking the other direction during the storm.  You can still see the remains of the clear day in the distance as the darkness of the storm proceeds from left to right.  (7/2/02)


Glissando5-19-02nosail.jpg (78103 bytes)A nice photo of Glissando under sail, taken on May 19, 2002 by Nathan Sanborn (Dasein, #668).  Thanks!

(Sorry...that's the only one for now.)


glissando-5702.JPG (138330 bytes)A raw, gray morning as the wind kicks up  (5/7/02)

portbow-5802.JPG (146652 bytes)A much nicer day--heading out to the boat for the afternoon  (5/8/02)

port1-5802.JPG (147280 bytes)This is the way days are meant to be  (5/8/02)

stbquarter-5802.JPG (142819 bytes)Another view, taken later in the same day as I head in after several pleasant hours (5/8/02)


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