Tune in to this page from time to time for some photos of local scenery as we sail and cruise the coast of Maine.

This page was last updated on 12 February 2002


2001 Season

Click here for a full size view of my favorite photo of Glissando, taken in Five Islands Maine in August, 2001.

glissando1a-60101.jpg (172504 bytes)Glissando on her mooring after a nice evening sail  6/1/01

anchorage3-60601.JPG (138756 bytes)The anchorage at Falmouth Foreside  6/6/01

sturdivant2-60601.JPG (134572 bytes)Sturdivant Island, Casco Bay  6/6/01

clapboard1-70701.JPG (130449 bytes)Looking northwest from Clapboard Island, Casco Bay  7/7/01

clapboard4-70701.JPG (134807 bytes)Dories on the beach at Clapboard Island  7/7/01

wyman1-70701.JPG (144336 bytes)Our local blight on the landscape  7/7/01

glissandofog4-71001.JPG (164201 bytes)Glissando in the fog  7/10/01

glissandofog1-71001.JPG (163014 bytes)Glissando in the fog 7/10/01  (Photo posted on 1/22/02)

glissandofog2-71001.JPG (121034 bytes)And again...  7/10/01   (Photo posted on 1/22/02)

foggy1-71001.JPG (154122 bytes)Fog obscures the osprey nest on York Ledge, Casco Bay  7/10/01

gissandofog3-71001.JPG (161165 bytes)Another shot   7/10/01

foggy7-71001.JPG (146836 bytes)Zero visibility in a classic Maine fog  7/10/01

boatcowisland1.JPG (165205 bytes)Approaching Cow Island  7/18/01

brothers2.JPG (146411 bytes)The Brothers, with Portland's Munjoy Hill in the distance  7/18/01

diamond3.JPG (157255 bytes)Diamond Island to starboard with Cow Island dead ahead  7/18/01

waiteslanding1.JPG (139481 bytes)Waite's Landing, Falmouth  7/18/01

littlechebeague.JPG (182922 bytes)Little Chebeague Island in the distance  7/18/01

approachingstormbow.JPG (162802 bytes)The rain is on its way!  7/18/01