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July 6, 2007
This is shaping up to be a pathetic sailing year for me.  Between the weather, other commitments, and other distractions, it's hard to get to the boat.  I've had one daysail, and the three-day cruise the other weekend.  Awful.  Complicating matters is the fact that Heidi had ankle surgery a few days ago, and is thereby laid up (on crutches, then a walking cast) for 6 weeks.  So she won't get any more boat time for a while, unfortunately.

Today, I was able to wrap up work early, and I had planned to go to the boat.  But then thunderstorms rolled through, some of them predicted to be severe.  After watching the radar, I decided to stay home, and did some more work in the shop.  But by late afternoon, the storms had passed, so I took advantage of the time to go and check out the boat; it'd been a week since I'd last been there.  I brought a few things out and enjoyed the soft, post-rain evening for a while before heading back in.

I can't wait to go cruising.  I'm still going later this month, though probably not for quite as long as I had originally thought. 


July 10, 2007:  Maintenance and Sail (7.34nm)
Because of a natural break in the action at the shop, today was a planned day off, or at least a day in which to do other things than work at the shop.

I ran some errands in the morning, and afterwards decided to head for the boat.  I needed to do some engine maintenance, and beyond that I'd just see.

It was foggy on the water when I got to the boatyard, but by the time I reached the boat the fog had already retreated to the breakwater, and it continued to retreat till it was well offshore.  The wind was calm.


During the next couple hours, I changed the fuel filters and changed the engine oil and filter, and cleaned up a bit.  By then, around 1430, it was bright and beautiful, with a nice light breeze that had kicked up.  I decided to go sailing, and prepared the boat to head out.  I had a pleasant beat out of the harbor, catching the light breeze in lots of tacks to stay out of the holes, but when I got outside the breakwater the wind filled in from the southeast for a while, and I had an extremely pleasant sail in the new 15-knot breeze.  I didn't go far, and presently the wind began to lighten up, so eventually I turned around to head for home on the dying breeze. 


July 13, 2007:  Sail (8.92nm)
With another day's wait ahead of me between painting steps at the shop, I headed for the boat.  It was a beautiful summer day.  At the boat, I enjoyed lunch before heading out for a sail.  I raised the main to full hoist and then, after eying the wind carefully, decided to tuck in a reef instead.  I was glad I did, as the wind steadily built and became quite strong by the end of the day.  As it was, I saw 15-20 steady knots, with some stronger gusts...and there were even stronger gusts later after I'd returned to the mooring.

The sail was great, with pretty much a close to beam reach on both tacks (out and back in).  Something was going on with the windjammers today:  they were all over the place, and at first seemed to just be headed for Rockland.  As I headed in, I noticed that they were all tacking back out from the breakwater, but then tacked back in towards shore after heading out a bit.  I was in front of most of them, but the harbor entrance--wide as it may be--was quite busy as I approached, and I dodged other boats and two ferries on my way in.  Meanwhile, the windjammers were in hot pursuit, and as I retreated to the mooring in the now 20+ knot winds, I watched the schooners all heading for the breakwater, almost like a "race".  Indeed, I heard gunshots as they passed the breakwater, and the whole thing was too clustered and obviously organized to be anything but some sort of event.  I

In any case, it was fun to watch, but I was glad that I had gotten in first, as 12 schooners, ferry boats, large yachts, and the Island Transporter barge made for a busy little place.

It was a fun sail on a beautiful day.

July 23, 2007 - August 4, 2007:  Cruise 2007
Full cruise log posted here.


Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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