Haulout 2004

Sadly, haulout day seemed to continue happening, year after year.  It's one of those incontrovertible laws of nature, seemingly.

This year, I had scheduled haulout for October 4, a Monday.  I planned the day carefully so that the tide would be high in the afternoon, which worked the best since I had to bring the boat around from the mooring field up the nearby Royal River to the boatyard, where I'd have the mast unstepped, and then continue on to the town landing in Yarmouth (YTL) for haulout.  Last year, I had scheduled these events on two separate days, which was sort of a pain.

The good folks at Royal River Boatyard had initially scheduled the mast unstep for around noontime, but when Nathan (Dasein) called to schedule his for the same day, they essentially told him to show up as early as possible.  Since, once again this year, Dasein was also coming to my house--this time to be inside the shop, lucky boat--we had planned to unstep and haul at the same time (2PM to start)

strip100304.jpg (67657 bytes)On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I reluctantly headed to the boat to strip her of sails and excess deck gear in preparation for Monday's unstepping and hauling.  It was gorgeous on the bay, with light, pleasant breezes, and I ached for a sail.  Fortunately, I had enjoyed a couple of nice sails earlier in the week, so all was not lost.

sunrise100404.jpg (14246 bytes)Over a few relaxing, pleasant hours (I didn't rush), I removed the gear, and enjoyed being on board on such a nice day.  Then, I headed ashore to prepare for tomorrow.

Monday morning at 0600, I met Nathan at YTL to drop off my truck, and then carpooled with him to Falmouth, where we rowed out to Dasein in his dinghy (since the outboard refused to start).  Being the incapable rower he is, it took Nathan about 5 hours to row out to the boat, complaining the whole way.  ;<)

mooring100404.jpg (21081 bytes)Finally, the next year, we arrived at Dasein, and soon we were underway over towards Glissando, where Nathan dropped me.  At just after 0700, I dropped my own mooring and motored out of the anchorage for the last time of the season, and soon caught up with Nathan and Dasein, who motors more slowly because of an improperly-pitched prop (at least for now).  

Me, passing Dasein on the way to the Royal River

pass2.jpg (66370 bytes)     pass3.jpg (57120 bytes)

seasmoke04-1.jpg (36927 bytes)It was a beautiful, calm morning--cold, but nowhere near as cold as last year, when we froze during the short trip around to the river.  This year, as well as last, there was some spotty fog and sea smoke, mostly concentrated in Broad Cove and, later on, in the bay up between the Royal and Harraseeket Rivers.

atrrby04-1.jpg (34848 bytes)Motoring the whole way (as the boat was dismantled), I entered the mouth of the river and continued on up the channel, watching the chart and depthsounder closely, as it was close to low tide--and ebbing.  In a few spots on the river, at the two tightest curves, the water became surprisingly shallow--as little as 5.4 feet at one point.  However, the water soon deepened, and I arrived at the docks at RRBY at about 0840 after a pleasant trip.  I tied up, and then caught Nathan's lines alongside, as space on the docks was scarce.

atytl-04-1.jpg (50274 bytes)I went up to notify the yard that we were there, and they indicated they'd be ready for us right after coffee break, which was in progress at that time.  Within a few minutes, Dasein was in the slip, and then shortly thereafter they were ready for me.  They towed me in using the yard skiff, which makes life easier, and before long the mast was down on deck once more, uneventfully.  By 0930, I was done, and heading up the river to town landing, where I tied up at the dock behind Dasein.  With hours to go before our scheduled haulout, we both settled down to wait, taking the time to dismantle the rigs for  storage.  Since I planned to paint my mast this fall, I stripped all halyards and stays off the spar in preparation, then secured the mast to the boat for the highway travel.

ytl2.jpg (96583 bytes)Around 1315, Steve Morse showed up early, which was great.  After waiting for one boat ahead of us, he loaded Glissando on the trailer in short order, and she was soon on the way home.  I was pleased to see that the bottom was quite clean after the season, with a light coat of slime on the deeper portions of the keel--much cleaner than some years past.  Maybe it's because we had so little sun overall this summer, and so much rain.

haul04-1.jpg (74847 bytes)

home100404-1.jpg (103250 bytes)At the house, I showed Steve where I wanted the boat, and after one incorrect placement, he backed the boat just about where I wanted it, off to the side of the barn in front of the lean-to shelter I had built for my Lyman earlier.  Soon, she was blocked in place, and Steve returned to YTL to pick up Dasein and return with her to the shop.

home100404-2.jpg (88863 bytes)I spent the remains of the afternoon scrubbing the bottom and removing the mast from the deck down to the ground; Nathan followed suit.  As much as I hated seeing the season come to a close, I was happy to have the boat home, safe and sound, and looked forward to spending another productive winter in the shop, mostly working on the Daysailor.  I had few projects in queue for Glissando, after last winter's blitz in the shop, so I planned to get her unloaded, winterized, and covered up as soon as possible.

Can May 2005 be that far away?

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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