Maine Cruise Log:  2004

Glissando in Bucks Harbor in 2004
General Log Notes
Welcome to our 2004 Maine cruise!  After a season away from any substantial cruising, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to spend another four weeks cruising the beautiful coast.

This year, in addition to photos and trip information, I have included both overall daily route charts and, uniquely, chart images showing our exact anchoring or mooring position at each of the visited harbors.  These NOAA chart snippets and position information are courtesy of the navigation program The Cap'n Voyager, which, through a PC, can be interfaced with the onboard GPS.  I generally use the program only for planning purposes, and to calculate each day's route.  It is so easy to create routes on the computer, and to then download the completed route--and all its waypoints--to the GPS, rather than manually entering the information to the GPS.  I am completely and utterly spoiled, I am afraid!

Anyway, through lots of computer and Photoshop time, I have tried to offer this interesting graphical addition to the logs.  Click on the daily route and harbor chartlets to enlarge them for viewing.  Note that the program shows the ship's course as due north when there is no actual movement and course data, so the red arrow in the charts always points straight up when showing the position of the anchored boat.  The daily route charts, in some cases, had to be reduced in size to an extent that details of the charts are no longer discernable--typical of the longer days' routes.  (Full size was frequently as high as 4000 pixels wide, which is just ridiculous.)

USAGE NOTE:  Some of the daily route charts, when expanded, are very large files and may take some time to download, depending on your system.  Not recommended for you poor souls using dial-up--sorry!  Also, there may be large areas of white space on the full-size versions of these charts, so be sure to scroll around till you find the actual charts.

Please enjoy, and I'd love your comments.

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Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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